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Who should I trust now?

Who should I trust when buying an electric car?

The future belongs to e-mobility – electricity is undisputedly the cleanest and most efficient drive energy. E-mobility is multi-faceted, the offer is diverse – and often confusing to the layman. Nevertheless, there are two ways to get an electric car. One, you go to your traditional partner. Two, you go to a proven electric mobility specialist. But who should I trust?

Traditional car dealer vs. electric vehicle expert

Traditional vehicle sellers have more and more electric cars with their offer. They usually have many different technologies like gasoline, diesel, hybrids, and electric cars in their range of products. An electric vehicle advisor will guide you through electric vehicles only.

The classic dealer is usually specialized in one brand. This means, when you go to your traditional dealership, they will probably make you buy your EV from the same brand you currently drive. An EV advisor will focus on your needs and help you find the most suitable electric car for your current lifestyle, regardless of the brand.

Technology, fumes and the enviroment

Classic sales representatives know “the good old” combustion engines by heart. They are trained and have many years of experience with cubic capacity, horsepower, cylinders, and revolutions per minute – actually the only thing they don’t talk about is exhaust gases and the environment. Some do not care or do not want to upgrade their knowledge to the latest technology. Those will advise you to buy what is best for them or their pockets – based on old knowledge and lack of interest in the future.

On the contrary, e-mobility advisors know about the “future of mobility“. EV experts use the latest scientific research and usually know more than just about the e-car. These specialists can tell you about battery production, energy efficiency, and recycling. They don’t talk about exhaust fumes either, since there are non. But they are amazed by how fun it is to drive EV’s and care for the environment.

Save time and money

Furthermore, when it comes to service and maintenance – traditional dealers will want you to come back and pay for it. An electric car might be slightly more expensive at purchase, but you’ll avoid recurring payments in maintenance and mechanical repairs.

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