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The new magnet-free e-motor – the big breakthrough

More ecological

Since the e-car got going, the technical development of electric drive makes great progress. The main interest is still the optimization of the battery, but there is also intensive research and development in the area of drive motors. Mahle, a major supplier to the automotive industry, is also working on a new type of magnet-free electric motor. Magnet-free means that the power is transmitted without contact. Magnets are no longer necessary. Because this electric motor can be built without rare-earth metals, its manufacture is significantly more ecological and also cheaper and safer in terms of the availability of raw materials.

More sustainable

The magnet-free electric motor can definitely be described as a breakthrough. The inductive and thus contactless power transmission works without wear. According to the developers, the efficiency is over 95 percent. Sustainability is another advantage of the new motor: The contactless transmission of electrical currents between the rotating and stationary parts inside the motor ensures a very long service life.

Less expensive

In the development of the motor, Mahle uses a new simulation method in which different designs can be varied along with different parameters. Compared to previous methods, this approach should be faster and more cost-effective, two important prerequisites for the rapid, comprehensive and sustainable spread of e-mobility. The magnet-free electric motor should be ready for series production in about two years.

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