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Sustainable mobility can’t tolerate compromises

We must stop wasting our planet’s resources. Sustainability without compromises.

Inspired by Sono Motors

Sustainable mobility can’t tolerate compromises

Sono Motors company believes: «We must stop wasting our planet’s resources. CO₂ emissions must be reduced.”

The car that charges from the sun

With the Sion, Sono Motors is pursuing the unique and uncompromising concept of «solar instead of paint». The company seamlessly incorporates photovoltaic panels into the entire body of the solar car. In this way, the Sion guarantees independent electricity production for short distances of up to 50 Km daily. This range is sufficient for the majority of the population and meets their everyday commuting and shopping.

Or from any socket, if necessary

The Sion can also be charged at any public charging station, at a household socket, a wallbox (How to find the right wallbox), or at another Sion. A charge of up to 80% takes just half an hour at a quick charging station. Which also makes this e-car attractive for longer trips. With its bidirectional charger, the Sion also supplies other electric vehicles with electricity or feeds electricity into the household network.

Produced from 100% renewable energy

The unmistakable climate change is causing a realignment of priorities. Sustainable mobility can’t tolerate compromises. Therefore, sustainability is not a buzzword for Sono Motors, but the first «raison d’être». In order to reduce the CO₂ footprint to a minimum, the company compensates for unavoidable CO₂ emissions that arise during the entire manufacturing process of the Sion. The solar car uses 100% renewable energy in its production.

The future is 100% electric. The future is 100% solar. 

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