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Stranded with no more battery, suddenly

Stranded with no more battery – the worst nightmare

You can imagine a wide variety of horror scenarios if the battery of an e-car should give up in the middle of traffic. What can you do when you are stranded in your electric vehicle with no more battery? To reassure all skeptics of e-mobility, we will answer a few basic questions about battery and the security of supply.

Does the whole vehicle switch off completely when the battery is empty?

The onboard network remains available via the 12V battery. You can still open and close doors and trunks. But not for too long, because the 12V battery can no longer be fed when the high-voltage battery is empty.

Can I still steer and brake when the battery is empty?

If the high-voltage battery is completely empty, the e-car no longer moves. As long as the 12V battery still has power, you can activate the towing mode and the e-car can be pushed.

Does the battery discharge when I charge my mobile phone?

The battery of your mobile phone is charged by the 12V battery. And the 12V battery draws energy from the high-voltage battery. So your mobile phone draws energy indirectly from the high-voltage battery. However, only to a very limited extent.

What if the my battery is empty – right on the intersection?

What can I do if I can no longer reach the charging station?

If the battery in your electric car is slowly running out, the onboard computer reports with unmistakable information. Should the battery still run out, the emergency number of your car manufacturer will help you. Within the new vehicle guarantee, the car manufacturers usually provide further assistance free of charge. Most manufacturers also offer breakdown assistance. In many cases, this is also free of charge. You can always renew this service.

Furthermore, you can contact local authorities, clubs, and your insurance company.

Road Assistance in:
Switzerland – TCS
Germany – ADAC
Austria – ÖAMTC

You will most likely not have any risk of an empty battery. As long as you listen to your onboard computer and keep an eye on the energy level.

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