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Smaller is faster

A car blocks up to 10m2 street – a few make it with 5m2

Traffic news are a never-ending source of frustration around the globe. Regularly in the morning and in the evening and with an increasing tendency in between, we are left with traffic jams on the streets. No wonder. A single car covers between 5 and 10 m2 of road. If you include the safety distance, it would be between 10 and 15m2. In addition, there is only one person sitting in the majority of the cars. No wonder we have a traffic problem. Either we asphalt the whole globe or we reduce the vehicles to the max.

By driving smaller we optimise traffic

The average day trip of a European car is around 50 km. Often it is the way to work. A drive of just a few kilometers from the suburb to the city. Precisely in this zone traffic jams accumulate every day. Escaping these traffic jams means getting smaller. An e-scooter with a seat for two people covers approx. 1.5m2 of street, a tenth of a car. Imagine that everyone who drives into town alone in a car – that is, moving at walking pace from traffic light to traffic light – is commuting by e-scooter. It would mean free travel for everyone. A commute reduced to half the time. And even if you’re the only one switching to an e-scooter, you still can use guerrilla tactics. There is enough space between the double tracks of an access road for an e-scooter to move quickly. If you feel addressed, see the links below.

The fastest way to an E-Scooter

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