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Replace EV with a petrol car now

Replace EV with a petrol car now

Electric vehicles are everywhere. More and more advertisement, more and more buyers. Therefore, the reality is that EV’s are slowly becoming mainstream, especially in Europe and the United States. Everyone is talking about changing to electric cars, where to charge, and that EV’s are better. What about petrol cars? What if someone who already drives with electricity wants to go back? How to replace your EV with a petrol car?

Back to the Future

Questions on how to go back to petrol cars

I have heard that petrol cars can not refuel at home while you sleep.
Will there be a solution for refuelling at home in the future?

The car salesman mentioned a box with gears in it.
What is this and will I receive a warning with an indicator when I need to change gear? Which parts will I need service on and how often?

The advisor also mentioned three pedals.
Can I accelerate and brake with one pedal as I do today with my electric car?

Furthermore, I assume I get fuel back when I slow down or drive downhill.
Is that so?

And back again

The car I test drove seemed to have a slow acceleration.
Maybe there was a problem with the car I test drove?

We currently pay about 4€ per 100km to drive our electric car.
I have heard that petrol can cost up to 5 times. Consequently, let’s hope more people will start using gasoline so prices go down.

Needless to say, petrol is flammable.
For this reason, should I empty the tank and store the petrol somewhere else while the car is in the garage?

I understand that the main ingredient in gasoline is oil.
Is it true that the extraction, refining, and burning of oil cause environmental problems?

These questions were originally posted by Stroohm. They have been slightly modified by us and are intended to make the public aware of the advantages of electric mobility and encourage the switch to electric cars. Find the original post on Facebook.

Are you going back to the future too?
Share your experience with us.

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