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Really Amazing Electric Driving Experience

E-Grand Tour of Switzerland is a really amazing electric driving experience.

The E-Grand Tour of Switzerland, designed by, is a really amazing electric driving experience of tourist highlights in Switzerland. No other country in the world surprises with so many different attractions in such a small area. Furthermore, paying respect to the diverse nature, a dense network of charging stations ensures power over the entire E-Grand Tour. Consequently, it guarantees comfortable and clean driving pleasure.

Enjoy the E-Grand Tour with your own e-car at your own pace

Let yourself be inspired by the many highlights of the tour and put together your own trip along the route. The map of available charging stations and the list of hotels and restaurants with their own charging stations will help you plan your trip. Indeed, allowing you to adapt your tour at any time. You don’t have an electric vehicle yet?

An exceptional driving experience in your Tesla rental car

First, you will drive a Tesla Model 3 and you will stay 8 nights in 4- or 5-star hotels, breakfast included. Second, the journey takes you through all four language regions, over five mountain passes, along 22 lakes and 12 UNESCO World Heritages. Then, up to 2429 m on Furka Pass, down to 193 m above sea level on the shores of Lake Maggiore. This once-in-a-lifetime experience starts right here.

In conclusion, on the 9-day trip, you will gain a breathtaking impression of Switzerland. You will experience a wonderful mix of the most beautiful sights and the most exciting mountain passes.

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