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In the virtual world, electric vehicles are more fun

In the virtual world it is also mor fun to drive electric cars

If you have driven an electric vehicle yet, you know that electric vehicles are more fun. What many of us don’t know yet is how much fun these are to drive on a simulator, a screen with a controller, or on our phones. Do you have experience gaming with electric cars in the virtual world?

In the virtual world of electric car racing

Today you can already test yourself against real Formula E drivers in an E-Race simulator. You can also race virtually with an electric car through a console or your mobile phone. From anywhere in the world you can join an all-electric street race anywhere in the world.

Gaming the virtual world inside an e-car

You can not only sit in a simulator or use your phone to race electric cars. When your Tesla is parked, you can actually lay racing games on the center screen using the steering wheel and pedals. You get the feeling of driving a Tesla but play a game in the infotainment system.

The future of gaming also electric

More and more, electric vehicles are taking over our streets. In the virtual and gaming world, there seems to be a slight delay. Although some big players like Formula E are already offering these games, not very many others have done so. Grand Theft Auto features a few e-cars ranging from a cleaning cart, through a golf car and some sports cars. Another game where you can use an electric car is Forza Horizon 3 (watch here), where you can drive a Tesla Model S. If you prefer the Tesla Model 3 or the Jaguar i-Pace, you can play on your smartphone EV-Racers.

Have you experienced all-electric vehicles virtually?

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Inspired by “Gaming memories and my passion for EV’s” – Julián Ucrós

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