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Nine EU countries are calling for zero-emission mobility

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta and The Netherlands are asking the European Commission to call an exit date for the sale of new cars and light commercial vehicles with combustion engines. In order to guarantee the transition to emission-free mobility in 2050, the Commission is to present a specific proposal.

The sooner. . .

With billions in investments and very ambitious schedules the automotive industry with its most important manufacturers promote e-mobility as top priority. Audi no longer develops new combustion engines. In 2030 Volvo will drive exclusively electrically. Even the politicians have realized that the switch to e-mobility can no longer be delayed. UK plans to end the production of combustion engines in 2035.

. . . the better

Anyone who wants to move around in an environmentally friendly way does not need to wait that long. Increasing range and the «filling station» at home make an e-car the ecological, economical and convenient alternative. And in addition to the above – the most efficient way to reduce the carbon footprint is the sensible use of the different means of transport:

The mobility pyramid for a sustainable lifestyle

Mobile Pyramid by jaja architects
picture by jaja architects

In order to support a healthy environment we just have to adhere to the mobility pyramid. It shows us a diet that reduces our environmental footprint, creates more livable cities and improves public health. To everybodies benefit we extensively use the active mobility of the lowest part. We try to avoid the passive mobility of the middle section as much as possible. And we use the top very selectively. It’s good for your health, good for your wallet, good for the environment.

Inspired by and jaja architects, Copenhagen Denmark

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