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I hate my Tesla, revealing why

I hate my Tesla, it’s just too perfect!

Either you are already a convinced EV driver or about to get there – that’s amazing! I can tell from my own experience, I hate my Tesla because it is just perfect! We are not anymore in the first steps of electric mobility. More and more people move away from petrol cars since electric cars are a viable, sustainable alternative. The range and charging speed of the cars are going up while the charging network is getting denser. Some even figure(d) out charging gives you the opportunity to discover the area around the charging station. For instance, encounter beautiful spots or great restaurants. The variety of electric cars and models is growing fast. Everyone can find a car that fits their individual needs and preferences. Finally, the overall performance of an electric car is often much more fun to drive compared to a petrol car.

Electric yes, but…

That all sounds like nothing can prevent people from moving to an electric car, right? If there wouldn’t be the but: If you check the numbers of electric cars in the streets you can see the adoption is still extremely low. And we all probably have a reason in mind which prevents people from moving to an electric car – even if you are a convinced EV driver or thinking of becoming one. Be it the situation in which you arrive on a low battery at a charging station, but the charger doesn’t work. Or the still too long charging time while driving long distances. Or the lower range of the car in winter.

I hate my Tesla – Jonas’ Story

Here is my short story about that: I drive electric since 2019 and I can tell you that all these things above happen and can be slightly enervating. But my worst situation was on a road trip in Croatia when I left the “safety net” of the Tesla supercharger network. I was so low on battery that it became slightly uncomfortable to still drive. Obviously, I turned off the A/C already to save some energy which made the situation even worse. The first charger didn’t work, the second one neither. All good things usually come in three but again no success. I had to drive to like seven charging stations before I found one working – some of them didn’t deliver energy after activating them. Other ones didn’t even react after trying to activate them with like 10 apps.

Finally, after arriving at a functioning charger being extremely happy that I didn’t need road assistance there was another surprise – the charger just delivered 3 Kw charging speed instead of the promised 12 kW. For all who don’t know yet what that means: That’s extremely slow. I stood there for like 3hrs to have enough energy to get to the next Tesla supercharger. The good part: there were some good restaurants close by. From that moment onwards I always tried to have enough battery to get to the next Supercharger if I’m not 100% confident that my chosen charger works. Would situations like that make me move back to petrol cars? Certainly not because I’m convinced that the move to electric mobility is an important step in the mobility of the future. And these situations are getting very rear due to the great progress in the last two years.

Now we would be curious to hear from you

What holds you back from doing the switch finally? Or for the ones already driving electric: What would be a reason for you to move back to a petrol car? Reach out and let us know! This information will serve for future blogs, so stay tuned.

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