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Going electric means going healthy

Going electric means going healthy: better air quality

Air pollution is still killing more than 300’000 people a year alone in Europe. Thus, going electric means going healthy.

Air Pulution is a Health Thread

It’s not a secret that burning fossil fuels “fuels” climate change. The fact that burning fossil fuels also cause life-threatening air pollution has recently receded into the background because combustion engines have become more efficient and «cleaner». However, that cannot hide the fact that they are harmful. Air pollution is still killing more than 300’000 people a year in Europe alone.

Dangerous from head to toe

Air pollution remains the biggest environmental threat to human health in Europe, the European Environment Agency, EEA says. Heart disease and strokes cause most premature deaths blamed on air pollution, followed by lung ailments including cancer. In addition to the carbon dioxide that pours out of the tailpipes of conventional cars, they also spew a cloud of fine particulate matter (FPM) into the atmosphere. Whether it is coal, oil, gasoline, or diesel, burning fossil fuels create FPM pollution when they are burned. FPM has a diameter below 2.5 micrometers. So small, they pass directly into the bloodstream in the lungs and travel to every part of our bodies, from our brains to our livers to our toes. They are found in breast milk and human placentas. They impair cognitive function, make us ill, and make us die sooner than we should. Fine particle air pollution still causes more than 307,000 premature deaths a year across Europe. 

Better but not good enough

In the early 1990s, fine particles led to nearly a million premature deaths in the 27 EU member nations. That figure had been more than halved to 450`000 by 2005. Even if the situation is improving, the EEA has warned that most EU countries are still above recommended pollution limits.

Going electric means going healthy

Inspired by The economic times

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