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Electric Vehicles can save lives (even by not driving)

Electric Vehicles can save lives here and now. Heat it up.

Before the harsh winter storms were announced in Texas in February 2021, proactive people began to prepare for the storm. They charged their e-cars. Fortunately, the power outages were not too long and the e-cars could be recharged to be used as a versatile storage device. During the storm, they were able to keep warm in their electric vehicles. And they could recharge their phones. The advantages of an electric vehicle go far beyond climate protection concerns. They have great potential to guarantee their owners warmth and security. Electric Vehicles can save lives.

Vehicle to home charging (V2H)

A more sophisticated way to use electricity from the e-car battery is to install a bidirectional charging station. Bidirectional charging is exactly what it sounds like: charging that goes two ways. Whilst with unidirectional, one-way chargers, electricity flows from the electric grid into the e-car, with bidirectional, two-way chargers, electricity can flow both ways. That means the battery of an e-car can store, share, and re-purpose energy when needed. This can successfully bridge emergency situations such as a power failure, a reassuring fact in times of wild nature.

We believe the benefits don’t end here. Think about it and let us know.

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