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E-cars have the smallest carbon footprint

Direct comparison of all car models

A new tool from Touring Club Schweiz, TCS, allows direct comparison of all in Switzerland approved car models in terms of their carbon footprint. The CO2 data on which the new tool is based was collected by the renowned Paul Scherrer Institute and is the latest available. Using the tool is simple: after entering a car model you add a candidate for comparison and press the button «carbon footprint». Immediately the CO2 emissions of the two models over the life cycle of 200’000 kilometers are shown.

E-cars – best footprint in each class

The Swiss consumer magazine «Kassensturz» wanted to know how combustion engine, hybrid and e-cars compare in the climate balance and came to clear results.

In a comparison of three small cars, the e-car leaves hybrid and gasoline-powered vehicles well behind after its first 84’000 kilometers. Even more significant in mid-range cars: the e-car outperforms its competitors in terms of carbon footprint after just 27’000 kilometers. And when it comes to strong and heavy luxury cars the e-car cannot be beaten either. The electric Porsche outperforms its competitors Lexus and Mercedes after 27’000 kilometers and only causes half the climate impact after 200’000 kilometers.

Gasoline production has a strong impact on the climate

Not only when burned in the engine fossil fuel pollutes the environment. Extraction and refining of crude oil and the subsequent transport to the gas station already leave an ecological footprint of considerable size

E-cars beat hybrids and gasoline-powered cars amazingly clear.

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