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An e-car – ‘caus 4-cylinders are old hat

The future belongs to e-cars

E-cars of today have a range that exceeds everyday requirements by far. They are more comfortable to drive, they accelerate like sports cars, their energy consumption is significantly lower and they leave no exhaust gases, but a clean future. And their upkeep hardly costs anything.

Convenience means doing without unnecessary things

Driving an e-car means driving in a clean, cheap, comfortable way and doing without a lot of unnecessary things. You will never again

  • refuel with petrol or diesel
  • change the clutch
  • check the engine oil
  • change the engine oil
  • change the engine oil filter
  • change toothed belt or timing chain
  • change the water pump
  • check fuel hoses
  • change spark plugs
  • change the fuel filter
  • clean the exhaust gas recirculation valve
  • clean the particle filter
  • remove residues from a direct-injection engine
  • pay complex and expensive engine repairs

Convenience means driving more relaxed

No gears, no levers and buttons, no noise. No unnecessary expenses, no guilty conscience.

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