Let’s go electric

WATTMOBIL helps environmentally conscious individuals and companies to find their perfect electric vehicles online. WATTMOBIL operates completely independently in all respects.

Values for the future

WATTMOBIL sees it as its responsibility to raise awareness and consciousness around the climate change and the own environmental impact. Therefore WATTMOBIL aims to catalyze the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable transportation, to efficient renewable energy consumption, being convinced that everyone can contribute to a sustainable and energy efficient future by introducing small changes in the daily life. The sooner, the better.

Sharing is caring

As a growing knowledge base around e-mobility the WATTMOBIL platform supports the purchase decision by providing outstanding content, real exchange and a community of experts. With articles, reviews, testimonials, use-cases and the possibility to directly exchange with owners of electric vehicles and other experts. If you want to support others, share your experiences.

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