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A wonderful and stupid-simple vision; CASE

A wonderful and stupid-simple: CASE e-mobility

The future of e-mobility will be dominated by CASE. It’s a wonderful and stupid-simple vision: connected, autonomous, shared, electric.

Connected – a better car with every update

The connection of vehicles with their manufacturers and other vehicles enables a multitude of new offers and services. Comfort and entertainment should experience a new dimension but above all safety. With «Car to X» (the connection between car and anything else), a project was initiated to significantly increase safety on the road. Car manufacturers, navigation services, European traffic, and transport ministries are involved.
The ability to further develop the software involved should also be built-in. In this way updates to increase performance and services should be available over the entire life cycle of the vehicle. As we know from programs and apps we use in our communication devices. A well-known example of this is Tesla with the “over the air updates”, which now Volkswagen is also offering with the electric I.D. range of cars.

Autonomous – for less accidents on the road

The development of in-vehicle computer systems and artificial intelligence (AI) computing infrastructures are the first steps in equipping vehicles with autonomous driving functions. Although it sounds science fiction to many, this is already a reality. Some manufacturers, such as Tesla, Daimler, and Audi are already offering some degree of autonomy within their systems. This not only allows the driver to have a more relaxed driving experience but the more autonomous a car drives, the probability of a mortal accident decreases.
Authorities across the world are heavily pushing and subsidizing this technology.

Shared – because sharing is caring

Own, share or rent – future mobility offers a range of new possibilities. Shared mobility services, for example, serve a wide range of needs for work, leisure, and holidays. Mobility is less and less performed by an owned vehicle, but a service that is used in a variety of ways. Mobility as a service (MaaS) is cost-effective, resource-saving, and energy-efficient transportation.
An analogy to better understand this model are properties. Most of the people do not own the house or apartment they live in – they rent it.

Electric – What else?

As we all know, there is no better alternative.

A wonderful and stupid-simple vision, isn’t it? Want to know more about CASE?
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Inspired by Deloitte and Daimler

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