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A charging station at home is crucial

Convenience is the key

The worldwide consulting company EBP asked important players in the charging station business, primarily electricity suppliers – the following question: «Which factors are decisive for the spread of electromobility?» From the respondents’ point of view, one factor is by far the most important: the possibility of charging in your own garage, on your own parking lot or in the immediate vicinity of your apartment.

60-70% of charging takes place at home

In most apartment buildings and in public parking zones, however, there are no charging facilities. If you take the answers collected by EBP seriously, this shortcoming should be eliminated as quickly as possible in order to accelerate the spread of e-mobility. New cooperation and financing models between municipalities, real estate administrations, private homeowners and electricity suppliers are needed.

New concept charging station?

Today the owner of a property installs the charging stations in the parking lots and bears the investments himself. A different approach would give the electricity supplier the chance to conclude a long-term supply contract in exchange for the installation of suitable high-voltage sockets. The tenant of the parking lot then brings his own charging station, which he takes with him at the end of the rental agreement. Everyone wins through mutual commitment. First and foremost, e-mobility.

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